Sometimes, it's hard to be
Song of Solomon is pretty much porn for Christians lol
Why do I end up interested in underage and easy targets?

Tis bullshit. Regardless, even with a woman all over me, I remained resilient. I prayed to remain resilient in trials like this. God followed through. Why? Because He’s a fucking badass…why would you even question why?

I can defend my own fucking rights here at home

I can defend my own fucking rights here at home

Would really just rather die tonight

People get killed by random ass shit all the time…why can’t it just be me? I’m sick of fucking being in Costa Rica. Today was their independence day. What do they do? Some shitty little parades. You’re fucking free bitches. Get excited and act like it. 95 more days of this shit. 95 more days of not speaking their language. Of wearing the same week’s worth of clothes. Of bullshit rain and shitty drivers. 

Why the hell do I need medicine to enjoy life? Maybe I can get struck by lightning tonight or have a heart attack in my sleep or something.


Where can I go 2c things like these?! Damn.

…you don’t. They’re long exposure shots.



More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women

real talk

So Russia shoots a nuke at D.C. All the dipshits there complain that Russia is awful and shouldn’t have done that. Okay, you’re probably right…but you still need to get the fuck out of dodge.

My dick is for pissing and procreating but you don’t see me whipping it out to do either in the middle of Target.



things that happened today:
-woke up at 6 am
-ate oatmeal out of an almost empty peanut butter jar
-walked in the texas heat/sun for a couple hours for work
iamnotagoodman tried to convince me why texas wasn’t the best state ever and he was wrong

i literally gave you about 17 reasons why texas is the literal worst and the best you could come up with was whataburger

Texas is the best country in the country. Want mountains? We have that. Want beautiful beaches? We’ve got a couple of those. Want a thriving economy? Yeah, the recession never hit here very hard. Want lush woods that you can backpack or live in away from civilization. Got a shit ton of em. Lakes to fish. Bay to fish. Ocean to fish. Rivers to float/canoe. 3 of the biggest cities in the country. Suburbs surrounding them. Rural areas if that’s not your thing. Think we are a bunch of republican douches? Go visit Austin. Think they are a bunch of democratic douches? Head to Houston. You’ve never lived till you’ve seen Texas wildflowers in the Spring or a sunset in Abilene. Think we are a bunch of racists? Go to San Antonio. Hell, there are more languages spoken in Dallas and Houston than you would’ve ever dreamed existed. Texas history is about as interesting as American history and there are cool landmarks to see all over the place. I will concede to the temperature. It gets hotter than hell here. But I’ve seen heavy snow in the winter in Lubbock and I’ve spent my fair share of time on a boat in Galveston when it’s a perfect 75 degrees. Whatever is your thing, Texas has it. Texas is a state of mind.

Even Heaven is hell, if somehow You were not there
Evidence of God today

Had a presentation to give for Spanish today and it was stressing me out so much last night that I just didn’t do it. I considered skipping class to not have to tell the professor why I didn’t have it, but I changed my mind and ran out the door 15 minutes late or so. Turns out the professor was 20 minutes late and we didn’t have enough time for me to present today so I get to go tomorrow. God is good.